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November 25, 2010

Well, I’ll say this: having an assignment to create something about an obsession sure gives a person nice creative license– and that obsession an amount of legitimacy.

Because some may say “it’s crazy that you created that.” And I could say, “oh well, it’s my assignment.”

Voila. The genius of this entire course.

I thought maybe you’d want to hear more about what actually happened from the horse’s mouth. You can do so here, in a 1997 interview with Ekaterina Gordeeva.
1997 Primetime Live
Uploaded by Anneliese. – Basketball, baseball, pro wrestling and more sports videos.

Finally, here is my homage, made possible by the talent of Ingrid Michaelson and Sarah Bareilles. And iMovie.

On the Rock

November 18, 2010

Call me crazy.

(you probably will).

I mean, what is this? the 90’s?

(I wish it was).

But my obsession is with ice skating (not Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, that’s a rumor Claire started over at Never got into for myself, can only barely get myself by on a couple of skates. Maybe that’s why it’s so fascinating to me– it’s just not something I can do. So I am so enthralled by those who pull it off.

(by pull it off, I mean win the olympics).

I brought up the 90’s. And for a reason (not just to make fun of myself for my love of skating). I think that was the golden decade of skating– it simply won’t happen the same way again. I mean, it’s still thrilling to watch the winter olympics and I can get myself tied up for an entire afternoon watching youtube videos to bring myself up to speed on new competitors before the winter sport season. That’s one thing that is so cool about following skating– there is a huge online database of videos old and new. No one puts whole baseball games online (wish they would!). The availability of videos online is actually the reason I am able to revisit the 90’s and convince myself that skating will never be *that* good again. It wasn’t about tricks, it was about artistry and control– plus the music was better. Cheesier, sure, but much better for skating routines than the anti-climactic movie scores used today, if you ask me.

But you weren’t asking me. Or were you?

So anyway. Skating. That’s my obsession. My favorite is pairs skating. I still don’t understand ice dancing, really. Girls have better music, but guys have better jumps. That’s the breakdown.

If you were to ask who my favorite skaters are (I know you didn’t), I’d have to say Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. That’s partly because of the whole dying young/tragic romance factor they have going on, but who can really say? Matter of a fact, I made my own video of the two of them back in February (the olympics had me re-hooked). Back in November 1995, after they’d skated together for 11 years, been married for 4, had a 3 year old daughter and had never placed lower than second in any competition they skated, Sergei died of a massive heart attack while they practiced a routine on the ice in Lake Placid. Katia skated a tribute to him three months later.

I took clips of their performances over the years and mashed it together with that tribute performance, set to the music of the program they were practicing (but never got to perform) when he died, Grieg.

Claire likes to laugh when Katia does the camel spin for seemingly forever (at 0:53), as if to suggest quite cheesily that they will go on and on, per Celine Dion’s blockbuster hit. She then made some sort of smart comment like “they’ll be dizzy forever, too.”  😉

I also created an epilogue video about Katia’s solo career and new family with 1998 Men’s Skating Olympic Champion, Ilia Kulik.

For the record, Claire laughed at this video per the music before she ever even saw it. Blog world, show a sister some support!

Where Exactly *is* 4 Beeson Ct.?

November 16, 2010

Here’s a basic overview of where I’m from and what went down there.

I did not realize that the “demo” logo would be over the video the entire time– I am so sorry!

Don’t mind the end when I can’t figure out how to get out of capture mode 😉 (and then when I sketchily–though accidentally– pull up my old Dean of Students’s resume…).

Television Mashup: 24 goes Gleek

November 9, 2010

Most popular show of 2002, meet most popular show of 2010. My how we’ve… grown?

Pretty Woman Commentary

November 4, 2010

It just dawned on me this afternoon that in my rush to upload this commentary to youtube on Tuesday evening, I failed to actually post it to my blog.

My bad.

I chose Pretty Woman as the subject of my commentary because it is really one of the earliest romantic comedies I can remember seeing. At first I thought that was weird because it’s all about a hooker. But then I got to thinking about how really it’s not a movie about prostitution at all– it’s about dreams and personal agency and the courage to change what you don’t like in yourself. So there, naysayers 😉

Halloween From Kids' Perspectives

November 2, 2010


The song, in case you are highly interested, can be downloaded FOR FREE here.

American Kids on "All Souls"

October 28, 2010

Claire, Ashley, Tiffany and I are going to do a documentary-esque “halloween from a kid’s perspective” movie.

Schedule of filming:


Saturday: Intro clip recording

Sunday: Fall Festival interviews and photos (Claire and Tiffany—Sunday 3-6)

Pass off camera to Ashley

Trick or Treating video footage collection at Ashley’s house (evening)

Monday: Editing (Sadie)